Simple plans, no contact us for pricing

Monthly subscription based on different comapany sizes with a fixed amount of billable hours.

30 hours per month

when excceed included hours

60 hours per month

when excceed included hours

Growing Team
90 hours per month

when excceed included hours


Why a subscription model

We think DevOps isn't the kind of "we work X hour in problem and here is an invoice". We keep monitoring, improving your infrastructure and application. Example: if we found that Django has a security issue, we will chime in and help you update and stay ahead of game. Or we review your AWS account weekly and realize you may have bug that create an s3 object in a loop, we let you know. We monitor slow log and notify you for potential N+1 query problem.

We try to learn your application structure and give advice or improve existing code.

All of this is because we want to operate like a real extend of your team, just like your co-worker. We speak up when we see something wrong, we act on your company's benefit.

We are a good fit if you looking for someone to take care of your infrastructure and think in your shoes, always trying to solve your pain points. We aren't a good fit if you just need a contractor to do what you told us.

Frequently asked questions

What payment method you accept?

We accept Check payable, Direct Deposit or ACH via Stripe. If you use Gusto, we are fine to enroll into your Gusto payroll.

What if we go over our hours quota?

We will get you cover for first time. If it repeats, we will charge you the extra hourly fee. We will also suggest you to change to the next level of subscription.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, we are month-to-month subscription so you can cancel anytime. We will try to refund the prorate to you. We can also support knowledge transition to ensure we leave you in a good shape

Do you accept credit card payment?

Unfortunately, No. Due to some extra fee when processing credit card payment.

Let's build a solid infrastructure

Want to deploy faster? Have some pain point in your infrastructure? We love to help you solve it